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 Wanted Trolls/Terrorists/Neo Nazis

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PostSubject: Wanted Trolls/Terrorists/Neo Nazis   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:11 pm

Heres the list of all the wanted Terrorist/Pedophiles//Neo Nazi American Haters we need to arrest and beat the fuck out of.

Dead Legion(American Hater/Cop Hater/Terrorist/Neo Nazi,Lyndon La Rouch Member)
Hillbillydixon(American Hater/Cop Hater/Terrorist/Neo Nazi/West Bro Church Member)
Ceciltheturtle(American Hater/Cop Hater/Terrorist/Neo Nazi/West Bro Church Member)
Kamiccolo100(Internet troll)
FreeJEdgarHoover(American hater/Cop hater/Terrorist/Neo Nazi/West Bro Church Member)
Avius(Cop Hater/Terrorist also UGLY)

if you see any of these terrorist scumbags alert the IPS RIGHT AWAY we will arrest and fuck them up they hang out on the following locations Spoild rotten walking dead forums,Youtube,Facebook. Be on the watch american citzens.
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Wanted Trolls/Terrorists/Neo Nazis
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